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JAZZ DANCE☆TWINKLE is a kids dance school based in Kitakoiwa, Edogawa Ward. Currently, 65 girls from toddlers to university/college are enjoying dance lessons every week♪
Dancing with musics like Disney, Momokuro, Kyary ~ Pamyu Pamyu, AKB48, E-girls, BIGBANG, Western music, K-POP, etc.


Locations and dates & times

Edogawa-ku Kita Koiwa Community Hall & others.
  • Every weekday : Wednesday (Irregular events on Saturday and Sunday)
  • Kids class (Infants : Ages from 3 years old) 16:30~17:30
  • Elementary school class 17:30~18:30
  • Junior high school class 19:30~20:30

* In addition, lesson time may be changed.


*Nearest station : 4 minutes walk from Keisei Koiwa Station on the Keisei Main Line
*No parking (please use nearby parking)



Staff blog


Monthly fee


■Annual fee 3,000 yen (in case of enrollment in Ianuary to March 1,000 yen)


■Monthly fee 4,000 yen



Site tour・Trial lesson


Free of charge (+Reservation required)

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