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ApreDiver is a sports club/school based in Edogawa Ward, Tokyo, which mainly engages in infants and elementary school students in soccer and engages from infants to university/college students in jazz dance activities.
On weekdays, we play at Kamata Elementary School (soccer) and Kitakoiwa Community Hall (jazz dance).
We always accept hands-on practice and site-tours at any time.



About Club name

ApreDiver is a coined word that combines the Spanish words “learn = Aprender” and “fun” = Divertido. The staff's wish is to have the children grow up while learning the essence of sports with friends while enjoying practice and games.

In addition, the goal is to nurture the feeling of respect for each other through sports through daily activities and to develop players who can enjoy sports for a long time.




We aim to enhance individual soccer and dance sense by becoming familiar with how to handle the ball and how to move the body, and learning basic skills and making games/practical training/lessons that involve judgment.



Listening to people, telling your opinions and ideas, our club will actively improve your communication skills through greetings and replies, handshakes and dialogue with coaches.



Rather than being confined to just the results of the game and the point of view, we value the process and convey the fun of soccer along with the attitude of engaging in sports that we want children to obtain at least in elementary school generation.

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